Terms - International - EU/World


  •  All orders will be dealt rapidly.
  •  The FUM Store prices are in EUR.
  •  We allow to combine orders. the order combining cutoff status is "processed". Please give us a little message, if you     want combine the order. We wait than with packaging.
  •  Place of jurisdiction is the local court of Wuppertal.
  •  German law is applied.
  •  We are only liable in the amount of the order and if the package is with tracking.
  •  We are not liable for any consequential damages.
  •  We take only the order value and and shipping value, in relation to the order value.

VAT Information for EU Member

  • All prices are includes with VAT.
  • Buyers without an valid VAT-ID get an incoice with VAT.
  • Buyers with a valid VAT-ID can get an invoice without VAT.

VAT Information for Non EU Member

  • All prices are without VAT.
  • Buyers get an invoice without VAT.


  • For International buyers we accept Bank Transfer, IBAN Transfer(EU), Stripe and Paypal
  • For each combining we take 0.35 € (World) and 0,42 € (EU) for the transaction costs. Brickowl make this automatically.
Last Updated: 15 Feb 2019